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Yep, Summer Leigh Johnson from The Redneck Ex and Anne Sutton from Ex-Ray (my current work in progress) are dancing naked in the corn patch. Finally, after months of melting in the Arkansas heat, they get to go HOME. Alaska here we come!! At the moment, the plan is to return to Arkansas on August 1st, but really? Who am I kidding? That’s when it really gets hot around here. So, once we’re safely tucked away in our Alaska writing retreat, I’m picturing the girls holding me hostage and not letting me return to the swamps of the Ozarks until October at the earliest.

Of course, they don’t have to deal with my mama. Now don’t get me wrong. My mama is nice. She’s nothing like Anne’s mother in Ex-Ray, but I’m fairly certain that she would get on a plane and fly to Alaska to kick my ass if I didn’t get home soon enough. For some reason, taking care of my dogs and cats and ducks isn’t her idea of a nice way to pass the afternoon. Go figure.

If anyone is curious why I like Alaska so much, the following might explain a few things:

Them's some mighty fine fishing partners

Need I say more?

And the scenary outside the boat is good too

And the scenery outside the boat is nice too


Comments on: "My Main Characters Are Sooooooooooo Happy" (3)

  1. Have a wonderful time, and remember us poor, overheated souls here in Arkansas! Summer Leigh and Anne Sutton may be happy, but the Boogerettes will miss you.

  2. Have your mom call me if she wants to hang out! hahaha But just remind her I don’t get up until 7ish.
    Have fun and enjoy the cooler weather.

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