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My Person

Are you familiar with the concept of “my person?” It’s deeper than best friend, spouse or parent/sibling. It’s the one person on the planet who brings you happiness no matter the situation. The person who walks through the ER door when you’ve suffered a major injury and you smile. The person who even from three thousand miles away can make you grin by simply thinking his/her name.

It’s a bond formed under fire and is sustained through every possible scenario. You don’t have to spend every day together. You don’t have to talk daily on the phone or e-mail constantly. Regardless of how much time has passed since you’ve seen your person, the second you see each other again it’s as if no time has passed. And it hasn’t, because you are on each others’ minds every second of every day.

I haven’t seen my person in a year. We haven’t talked on the phone once in that time. We’ve kept each other apprised of the goings on in our lives through the occasional e-mail. Yet, today, I saw my person and my heart soared. We hugged, started talking and 12 hours later we hadn’t stopped. My person is pregnant. I’m very excited that the world will be blessed with a mini-my person. It will indeed be a better place.

I hope you all have that special someone in your lives. I’d tell you to call them or hug them, but you’ve already done that a dozen times today in your heart and mind.


Comments on: "My Person" (1)

  1. Madison Woods said:

    Very sweet – I’d never heard it described this way, but it makes me smile to know about it now. Congrats to you and your person on your mini-my person 🙂

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