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I do mean moose and not mousse. Although, I do have a great recipe for chocolate mousse I should share one day.

Here in the boonies, I see deer all the time. I fought a good fight, but still lost all my peaches to deer. My hostas have been destroyed and more than one cantaloupe has been demolished by the obnoxious little beasts. The dogs are now on night duty. They roam the farm and chase off deer. In theory anyway. I think they sleep on the deck and occasionally woof to make me think they are protecting their domain.

So, seeing deer isn’t a cool thing for me like it is a lot of city folk.

When in AK, I saw moose in my yard. I’ve decided that I think seeing moose is fun and entertaining because I’m not growing anything in my yard there other than willows and fireweed. Nevertheless, a cow moose with twins provided hours of entertainment. Yeah, I know. I need to get a life.

Down in front! You're blocking the sun

Ain't she cute? It's her beard that makes her so pretty

Alaskan lawn mowers


Comments on: "Moose!" (2)

  1. Want to see a moose and an elk. Kind of like a bucket list of things we want to see before we die. We’ve looked on every trip and never spotted either one. Enjoyed your pix and post.

  2. Velda, you’re more than welcome to hang out on my deck in Alaska. Anytime.

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