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Worse Job Ever?

I’m not sure which is a bigger phobia for me: fear of heights or fear of flying coach. When my nephew and I visited Alyeska last month, I was tempted to keep my eyes closed on the tram ride to the top of the mountain, but it was too beautiful to miss. Instead, I white knuckled the handrail and smiled like an idiot while enjoying the green. God knew what she was doing when she created green. Wow. There are so many lovely shades.

Once we arrived at the top, we were knocked sideways by the wind, but didn’t care. The view was breathtaking. Then, I saw him–the tram-cable-fixer dude. My heart stopped. I stepped back. Fear gripped my gut. How on earth could that man do that? Insane. You couldn’t pay me enough to do what he was doing. No freaking way!!

Riding the Cable--Checking the Lines

See those itty-bitty specks. Those are the men on the tram

Then I turned around, Holy Smokes! Beautiful. So beautiful in fact that it didn’t even look real. It looked like one of those cheesy backdrops they use at photo studios in malls. But nope. It was real and awe inspiring. Seriously. I would consider the nose-bleed inducing job in order to look at this every single day of the year.

Purely magical.

View from On High. Can I get an amen?


Comments on: "Worse Job Ever?" (5)

  1. We have a tram in Albuquerque (they like to call it “The World’s Longest Tram!), and once you’ve ridden to the top of the mountain a few times, the swaying isn’t so bothersome. What’s bothersome is once you get to the top and look down…*shudder.* I mean, it’s cool, because on the way up to the top, the conductors (for lack of a better term) give you a bit of a geology lesson (well, they try, they get their information wrong a lot of the time), so you can understand WHY the mountains are shaped like that.

    • Sarah, we didn’t get a geology lesson. Judging from the conductors, I think the only lesson they could give would be growing tips for local herbs.

  2. Laurie B said:

    Patty, I remember riding that tram in the winter and then skiing down to the bottom! I thought my death was very near!! However, you are right it is a amazing view!

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