Writer of Soul-Searching Snark


Back in March, I was fortunate enough to find an adorable little puppy in the middle of the county road. It was one of those situations that was meant to be. If I had left my house 1 minute earlier or later, I would not have found the freshly-flung puppy. When I first spied the lump in the road, I had no idea it was a puppy. Then, she ran through the ditch and hid under a cedar tree. If I hadn’t have been watching her, I would have driven right past her. How sad would that have been? She’s a pretty darn cute and fun addition to the family.

Reba, another stray who literally showed up on my doorstep isn’t one to get along with others. She’s okay with the cats and she and Apun are buds, but Reba will actually attack other dogs. She’s gotten Pop’s dog, Suzi, more than once, which isn’t cool since Suzi is a 15 year old rat terrier. She doesn’t need any extra stress in her life, that’s for sure.

So, when Luna came into our lives, I kept her separated from Reba. Luna was a little bitty thing and I was worried that Reba would treat her like she does Suzi and the pup wouldn’t stand a chance. For days, I kept Luna away from the other dogs. I’d take out Luna and when she was finished with her business, I’d lock her in the bedroom and let the other dogs out.

One day, Luna and I were in the greenhouse garden talking to Ma and Reba jumped over the fence. To my horror, I couldn’t get to Luna fast enough and Reba pounced. Luna rolled across the ground and in my attempt to save her from Ruthless Reba, I tripped over a chair. There I was sprawled out in the garden with Reba attacking Luna. Fear gripped my stomach and I struggled to right myself all the while screaming at Ma to save Luna.

Luna wasn’t making a sound. Hmmm…. neither was Reba. No growls, whimpers or yips. So, I looked at them and realized that Reba was rolling Luna across the garden and they weren’t fighting. They were playing. I couldn’t believe it. Ruthless Reba was making friends! My heart soared and my face cracked from the giant grin on my face. Aww. Reba and Luna are friends.

Nose to Nose

Rrrr! I'm Fierce!

Which got me to thinking. Do you have a person in your life that the first time you met them you thought to yourself, there’s no way in hell I’m going to like this person? Then, to your surprise he/she turns out to be one of your dearest friends? There are a couple of folks in my life that upon first impression I thought I’d be fine if I never talked to them again. I was so wrong!

I realized that I judged Reba as unfairly as I judged those folks who are so important in my life now.

This whole ramble is to say this: Don’t let your first impressions rule your life. Give folks a chance to make and second, third, fiftieth impression. Don’t be too quick to judge folks. Approach everyone with an open heart. You’ll be surprised by the folks who’ll end up staking claim to it.

Hugs my friends.


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