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I’m sure you know what I’m talking about–the accolades in the first few pages of a novel. The pages that are crammed with quotes from other authors on how fantastic the author of that book is. Have you ever bought/read a book simply because an author you like endorsed it?

From what I understand, after The Redneck Ex is published, we’ll use the reviews of it in the front of Santorini Sunset. Since Redneck is my first novel, we don’t have reviews to use in the opening pages. So, I have some quotes from some really great authors on how wonderful I am. All true of course! I mean, really? Jeff Foxworthy could take redneck lessons from me, after all. I’m curious though if those quotes matter. Is it a worthless effort unless you get quotes from Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell or say, Jeff Foxworthy?

Let me know, what you think?

The following picture has nothing to do with the blog post, but I think the blog looks prettier with pictures. 🙂

The older ducks weren't so welcoming to the younger ones. They get along fine now.


Comments on: "Do You Read the Author Endorsements/Quotes/Blurbs at the Beginning of Books?" (9)

  1. Before I commit to a book, I read the first paragraph, browse through the jacket flap and read those quotes from other authors.

  2. Being a compulsive reader, yes I do read the authors endorsements/quotes/blurbs at the start of the book. Do they determine whether or not I read the book? Maybe half of the time. Good luck with the editing etc.

  3. I do sometimes take author endorsements into account, but it has to be a writer I really admire. It also depends on what they say about the book. The more details they offer, the better. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Ladies. I’m glad to know that. I usually just skim over them, so I’m glad to know some folks actually read them. I’m very happy with the quotes I have. I hope readers will be too.

  5. I usually just read the summary of the book before I choose it. If it peaks my interest I read it, if not I move on. Sometimes I read the book, decide I did not like it and look back on the reviews and think.. are they talking about the same book I read?

  6. Brenda, I’ve done the same thing. They can’t be talking about the drivel I just read! I’m hoping my blurb, quotes and summary will all be enticing. 🙂

  7. The only time I put much heed into a blurb is if it’s an author I’m familiar with and like. Otherwise, I read the synopsis on the back of the book, the first page, and maybe a page or two in the middle of the book. Of course, if I’m already familiar with how fantastic the author’s writing is, I’ll buy the book sight unseen. 🙂

  8. Please consider sending your manuscript to Jeff Foxworthy to see if he could blurb it. He’s a nice guy and you just never now till you try!

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