Writer of Soul-Searching Snark

No Power Ruins My Plans

Woohoo! We got close to 2″ of rain and in the process lost our power for about 8 hours. Normally, not having power for a few hours doesn’t bother me much–especially when it’s during the night when I’m sleeping anyway. Today though, it was more than a little inconvenient. A writer friend of mine lost her mother over the weekend and the funeral was this morning.

Living in the middle of nowhere is nice, but you have to add 2 hours to all your plans in town. An hour to drive to the event and an hour to drive back home. Unfortunately, the power returned 15 minutes before my departure time. I still needed to shower (can’t do that without power because the well pump is electric.) Then, I’d have to dry my hair (requires electricity,) and apply makeup (really a lengthy process in itself and definitely requires lighting.) Not to mention, that I needed to iron my dress.

So, I didn’t make it to the funeral. I feel horrible about it. Even though I’d never met my friend’s mother, my friend is a very kind, sweet woman and I wanted to be there to support her. Instead, I’m sending good thoughts her way, which isn’t even close to same thing.

What the caterpillar perceives is the end; to the butterfly is just the beginning.

Hugs, my friend. You’re in my heart.


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