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Santorini Sunset

I’m working with an editor at The Wild Rose Press on Santorini Sunset, a contemporary romance. This book is dear to my heart. It’s lighthearted romp through the Greek Islands that manages to be snark-filled fluff.

I love Caroline Clayton’s ability to overcome humiliating circumstances–her fiance dumped her for her supermodel sister. I love Raul Sobrevilla’s kind heart and absolutely to-die-for abs. Inspiration for the narcissistic sister, Gabriella was easy to find. I’m not naming names or anything, but anyone who knows me well will recognize the character–everyone except the person used as a model that is. And Mother. Oh my. Mother. My own mother is a saint. She’s never said anything mean. Ever. She’s thoughtful, generous and loving.

Caroline’s mother isn’t at all like my mom. Her mother is a shrew. Nothing Caroline has ever done is good enough and of course, Mother prefers the supermodel daughter. I have several friends with mothers like Caroline’s. Every time I interact with them, I go directly home and hug my mom. My favorite part of the book is when Caroline stands up to her mother for the first time. And you know what I did when I finished that scene? I went out to the greenhouse and read it to my mother. She cheered!

Here’s to Santorini Sunset being #1 on the NY Times Bestseller List. It really needs a sequel, which would mean another trip to Greece. Darn it all. Anyone up for carrying my jump drive on the arduous journey?


Comments on: "Santorini Sunset" (5)

  1. Me! Me! I will carry your jump drive!

  2. You’re such a supportive friend! 🙂

  3. Madison Woods said:

    Oh darn. I was saying Me! Me! Me! while waiting for your comment box to open up and what do I see but Ruth. She beat me to it, lol. Okay, so if Ruth decides she’d rather not, then I’m next in line 😉

  4. mgmillerbooks said:

    I need a getaway too. Draw straws? Regardless, we’re all raising our glasses and toasting SS for the #1 spot. Cheers!

  5. It’s a really heavy jump drive. I’ll need more than one toter. 🙂

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