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Back on August 12th, the stray vortex struck again and brought forth an adorable little pup with big ears and flea-ridden coat. After bathing her in oatmeal to soothe her skin (she smelled like a cookie afterward,)and dosing her with wormer meds, we made a spot for her next to Tanner at Mom’s place.

Remember me? Cute, ain't I?

I put an ad on Craig’s List, sent a plea to my Facebook friends and tweeted that I had an adorable puppy that needed a home. I got plenty of responses, even drove to a trailer in the backwoods of Madison County to hand her over to a person who answered the Craig’s List ad, but couldn’t do it when I saw the house and the condition of the other critters there. I claimed that I’d fallen in love with the little mutt and just couldn’t let her go. The lady believed me, I think.

Fortunately, my niece decided her dog needed a playmate and we kept the puppy fed and worm-free until Labor Day. I washed the wiggling bundle, tied a red ribbon around her neck and went to my brother’s house for a BBQ and to hand over the be-dazzled pup to my lovely niece.

Less than 2 weeks later, the puppy is back at my house. My niece’s dog did not get along with little Kadee Bug (perfect name!) I was concerned that the pup would be damaged goods. She’s been through a lot in 5 weeks. Abandoned, befriended by a coon dog, days spent frolicking in the pond, then hauled to Springdale where she spent the night before relocating to Dallas, living in an apartment with an Irish Setter that wasn’t thrilled to have her around, then picked up by an unknown woman (thank you, Jan,) hauled to West Fork where she was handed over to me. Then, the long drive back to the farm where she was thrust among a pack of mannerless mutts.

Last night I walked into the house with an armful of puppy dreading the re-introduction process. My dogs aren’t big fans of anything that divides my attention. They all got along with the puppy before–well, Apun was grouchy on occasion–but I figured they would’ve forgotten her in 2 weeks. I was wrong.

I'm baaack!!

OMG. They’re in love. Even Apun. There was no sleep last night because when Luna, Reba and Kadee weren’t sprawled next to me in bed, they were gleefully chasing each other through the house.

It's mine. No, it's mine.

It’s my guess that the universe is trying to tell me something. Something big, screaming it so loudly nobody could miss it–except me. Is anyone fluent in Universe? I need a translation here.


Comments on: "Happiness is . . . a Warm Puppy" (17)

  1. Awwww! Now I want a little puppy! 🙂

  2. She’s sure brought a smile to all our faces! She’s sleeping on my foot at the moment. My heart’s melting.

  3. Love the pics of the pups together. And I can’t believe how big Luna has gotten! Congratulations on the newest little member to your family. She’s a sweetie. Funny how things always work out for the best.

  4. That little dog has decided she’s YOURS and no one else will ever be good enough. It’s happened to me once (and I say I am not a dog person).

  5. The universe is saying, “Maybe you don’t necessarily need this puppy, but this puppy needs *you*! If she didn’t, she’d be somewhere else.”

  6. With very painful experience under my belt, perhaps you just need to continue looking! After dealing with stupidity, rampant, by phone…I was finally able to find the PERFECT home for my Sasha, Sago, and Unega. I am terribly sad without them, but they are now with a family who is well versed in the care of huskies and wanted to get back into mushing after a few years absence.

  7. We finally did actual dog rescue for a time when it seemed every time we turned around, there was another abandoned, abused, or neglected canine in need of help. After we moved into town, we stopped because of city ordinance. I love dogs, but dog rescue is expensive, time-consuming and heart-breaking.

  8. @kdmccrite, I’m a cat person, but maybe the Universe is telling me different. We have 6 dogs on our farm–5 strays that were dumped in the woods and 1 that was a rescue. I don’t understand why folks have critters if they can’t take care of them. Then again, why do people have kids that can’t or won’t take care of? I can’t imagine running a dog rescue. My heart would be bleeding constantly. I going to go hug the puppy now….

  9. We have a Peekichi you can add to your family of dogs. 😉

  10. Wow, Ric, I think I’m going to pass on that. Thanks, though!

  11. I used “Google Translate” and here’s what I came up with. The Universe is saying, “Keep Kadee Bug!”

  12. Oh, my goodness. Puppy has a home and playmates, what could be better? But I’m such a cat person, even though I love other peoples’ dogs, I’ll always and forever prefer an aloof, independent but lovable kitty. Thanks for the story.

    • Velda, I’m a cat person too–hence the tattoo on my ankle. For some reason, the Universe has decided I need to get to know dogs better. They are currently rolling around in dead, decaying possum (in the yard, not the living room.) Why exactly do I need to experience this? The cats are sleeping in sunbeams. Now, that I can relate to…might just join them.

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