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Dogs Get the Boot

Who me? I never sleep on the couch

I’m sure some of you remember my whining about my dogs a couple of weeks ago. They are sweet, rambunctious, boisterous and love a good rotten armadillo. They sleep in the house. Apun, the oldest and sweetest dog ever, resides on the couch. I yell at her to get down and she does. As soon as I go to bed, she jumps back on it as evidenced by the abundance of white fur on the blue fabric and the thud as she jumps down before I get into the living room and catch her up there again.

Reba likes to sleep under the bed. It’s her safe haven. She barely fits anymore and when she moves around to get comfortable, she shakes the bed as she rubs against the box springs.

The dogs beds were in front of the TV

Luna prefers the bed. It’s my fault. When she was a tiny puppy I tried to kennel train her, but her whining and barking kept me up all night. After suffering a fibromyalgia flare up, I threw her in bed with me. She’d whine when she needed out, then we’d go back to bed and instantly fall back asleep. Now, she’s potty trained, but she still likes sleeping with me. She’s cute, cuddly and only takes up 3/4 of the king-sized bed, so I let her stay.

That brings me to Kadee. She’s a cute little thing. She wiggled her way into my heart and I’m glad she came back to live with us. Only problem? She has no intentions of going outside to do her business when it’s dark. Nope. Not going to happen. She’ll go outside, run around the house to the back door and bark. When I let her back in, she walks across the floor and pees in front of the couch before crawling back on her dog bed.

This weekend, Ma and I went to the War Eagle Craft Fair. I attended my first War Eagle craft show when I was 5 and I loved it. Still do. There’s something really magical about the cool-autumn weather along with the colorful foliage combined with tents filled with gorgeous handmade crafts. Not to mention the Indian tacos enjoyed while sitting on the grassy banks of War Eagle Creek. As I walked among the beautiful crafts, I was inspired. I have cool stuff. I like my small hunting cabin in the woods. I couldn’t remember the last time I enjoyed it. The last time I sat in the living room and felt invited to be there. Could relax in its comfort.

There's no rough housing or tomfoolery going on here

So, what has stopped me from relaxing in my home? Dogs. 4 freaking dogs. The house stinks and everything is covered in dog fur. The floors are always nasty because mopping once a day isn’t enough to keep the floors free of muddy dog prints. Displaying pottery is out of the question because 4 frolicking dogs = broken everything. Forget having a box of tissues anywhere within dog reach. There’s nothing more disgusting than waking up to puppy poop and your Kleenex box contents strewn about the house.

My desire to live once again in a well-decorated, cozy home led to the dogs being banished. They are now being housed in the wood shed. It was difficult to refuse them entry last night as they gazed pitifully through the glass door. When that didn’t work, they scratched on the front door in a creepy, here’s Johnny, Jason and Freddy sort of way. It freaked me out enough that I actually locked my doors.

new feeding station

New home

The kids stayed out all last night. I slept through the night for the first time in weeks. The cats were all back on the bed. When I walked into the living room this morning there were no puddles or piles to dodge and nothing had gotten destroyed overnight.

It was wonderful!

How long do you think it’ll last? I’m already missing Apun.


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  1. I don’t blame you one bit, but I bet the first sub zero degree night and snow on the ground, they will be back in the house even if it’s just for one night.

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