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My closet looks fabulous! Gorgeous even. In order to keep things pretty, I organize items by color. My friend, the master organizer, thinks I’m insane. She’s explained to me several times that I should organize the closet according to type of clothing: pants, skirts, shirts, dresses. I tried that. Really I did, but the purple skirts begged to be grouped with the purple shirts, so I went back to my color-wheel organization method.

The rest of the house still needs work though. All the books have been placed in bookcases and the pile of donate clothes has made its way into a plastic bag that is now sitting by the wood stove. I’m hauling everything else upstairs. I’ve decided to use the bunkhouse as a closet in order to get things out of the musty barn.

Sounds like a great plan, right? Instead of driving to the barn and sorting through tote after tote looking for a blouse, I just have to go upstairs. How can that be a problem? Well, you see… when everything is stored in totes its HIDDEN.

You can never have too many___________________

Shoes: black flat sandals, black mules, black Birkenstocks, black Mary Janes x 2 (The Israeli version and the Keen version,) black 1″ slip ons, black 2″ slip ons, black 3″ open toe pumps, black 4″ ankle-strap stilettos, black 4″ heavy-buckled dominatrix pumps, black patent leather thigh-high boots.

That’s just the black shoes. Don’t forget the red, brown, white, orange, purple shoes in addition to the sneakers, gardening clogs, hiking boots and farm shoes.

Okay, so I have a lot of shoes. When hidden in totes my obsession isn’t on display for all to see.

Unfortunately, I have other: You can never have too many__________

Quilts: When I lived in Kaktovik, I decided that I needed a hobby other than cooking. So, I started making quilts again. Kaktovik is an island in the middle of the Arctic Ocean with a population of 230, and there’s no road access. There was literally, I mean literally, NOTHING to do. So, I made a lot of quilts. I gave most of them away, but I still have tons. They were stored in the barn as well, but they smell awful–mildew, but fortunately, none is actually on the quilts. The result, they have to be stored upstairs. I have 9 quilts displayed in the living room. 9. In the living room.

Once again, my obsession will be laid out on beds upstairs and my little problem will be evident to everyone who walks up there.

You can never have too many________
Books, dishes, eye shadow, lipstick, purses, hoodies….

Am I the only one with this condition? Make me feel better and let me know what you have too many/much of.


Comments on: "You Can Never Have Too Many __________________" (10)

  1. mgmillerbooks said:

    I’m going to start calling you Emelda. That is one serious shoe-shack there. I’m my case: You can never have too many books, and what I have too much of is work. I need a vacation 😦

  2. Oh you’re my HERO! I am also a shoe fanatic. It is not important that 90% of the time I wear the same 5 pair, it’s just in case!!

  3. You are so right about the shoes! You can NEVER have too many shoes! No matter how many I have, I always need a few more pairs. Right now I’m on the search for the perfect pair of black ballet flats. There are so many to choose from that it makes the choice harder. I’m kind of like Goldilocks when it comes to black flats. Maybe there’s a perfect pair in your closet…

  4. OMG, Claire. I never knew. Here all this time I’ve been coveting your red shoes! Little did I know that was one of many reds, one of countless pair. I am beyond impressed — and jealous. Hmmm . . . what do I have too many of? Hmmm . . . not sure you can have too much of anything good.

  5. I think I own 6 pair. BUT you can never have too many dishes!!!! I have entire closets devoted to Christmas dishes, Harvest dishes, Cocktail glasses, Fourth of July dishes, Fiesta dishes, Depression Glass, Spring . . . well, you get the idea.

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