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Christmas Notes

Since I was in Alaska the first couple of days of December, I was late getting my Christmas tree up this year. Last year, I put the tree up right after Thanksgiving because both my mother-in-law and Mr. Taster-Editor were here to help with the task. Two weeks later, I received a call from the moving company. They informed me that our shipment of 10,000 pounds of household goods would be here on December 22. Of that 10K pounds of household goods, 3K = ammo (don’t ask,) books made up 5K and the remaining was Christmas decorations.

Woohoo! Christmas had arrived. Only problem? When I put away all the Christmas decorations last year, they went into two different places. The old stuff was still in Ma’s barn and the Alaska stuff was in my barn.

Now, I’m a fairly organized person, but I do believe I’ve crossed over into the OCD category. You see, last year before storing the decorations, I made a little note. I’d forgotten about the note. When I opened EVERY box, it was sitting right there on top so I wouldn’t miss it. Did I mention that it was typed and color-coded? Did I mention it was in every box? Did I mention that there are about 50 boxes of Christmas stuff or as Mr. Taster-Editor calls is FWS–fragile, worthless, sh*t.

When I saw the note, I laughed. A lot. As upset as I was that it confirmed that I’m now officially nuts, I had to appreciate how helpful it was. I’m going to share a few of the reminders with you:

1. There are hangers somewhere. Find them. DO NOT use paper clips. There are both decorative and plain hangers.

2. Open all the boxes before decorating. The ornaments are jumbled together this year. (I can’t tell you how difficult it was to simply throw the ornaments willy-nilly into boxes without sorting them by color. Just about killed me, which is probably why the note came about–I was compensating.)

This is my favorite. I gave myself a great big “duh!” and asked myself why on earth I needed to make a note about this. It’s obvious, right?

3. There are gold beads and gold star garlands. Find them all before putting on ornaments.

Really? Good lord! Everyone knows you put the garland on first. Guess what? Even with the handy-dandy note, I still put ornaments on the tree before finding all the garland. I decided garland was overrated anyway.

I love decorating for Christmas and can’t wait to get the rest of my stuff displayed. Need to soon because the tree is lonely.


Comments on: "Christmas Notes" (15)

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I put my tree up this morning, and I don’t even have the excuse of being in the Arctic Tundra. I love Reminder #2. I always make that mistake. Perhaps I’ll write myself a little note for next year. 🙂

  2. The tree is lovely. I confess, I did the same thing- weaving garland After hanging ornaments. Am not yet done. OMG! No wonder we are friends. Or wait! Is the OCD thing catching? We packed most of our stuff and numbered the boxes on the outside while keeping a detailed list by box number of its contents. My kitchen had the most boxes – 20 dish packs. Christmas was the second most- 4 dish packs and 2 large bins. Happy Holiday’s to you!

    • Hey Linda, this year I’m going to merge the two barns full of Christmas decorations. Having them all in the same place will help. I was laughing when I was pulling out the decorations. Some of the containers and tissue paper they’re wrapped in are older than I am. Amazing what we’ll hold on to.

  3. Since we expected to NOT be in the Arctic for Christmas…all of our boxes are in storage in the Adirondack mountains!!

    • Oh Paula, that’s awful! You’ve gotta have Christmas decorations. Get some construction paper and make a chain to go around your deck railing or something. Although, I imagine spending Christmas with your sweetie is way more important than a Christmas tree…well…let me think about that one for a minute! 🙂

  4. Pam Clemens said:

    Do you still have all the stuff you bought in Germany????

  5. Madison Woods said:

    Your boxes and packing lists and reminder notes remind me a lot of Rob. I still have all his boxes unpacked in my living room and he called wanting me to send him a particular book. I have to say, it made it easy to find because not only did he have the boxes labeled in general, but a detailed list of every book by name in the ‘book’ boxes. But *I* am completely opposite. All of my stuff is arranged in little piles everywhere 😉

    Your tree is beautiful even if you did ignore your own notes to get it decorated. I’m being a grinch and haven’t even bought a tree yet.

    • Madison, I should have known I was OCD based on how I packed out my house in Barrow. Color-coded, box-size coded, content coded. My spreadsheet had 3 subcategories. So, I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I was. One thing is for sure, I was able to find everything. Rob and I would get along just fine.

  6. mgmillerbooks said:

    You’re a funny girl. But you have a great tree! I haven’t had a Christmas tree since 1983.

    • No tree since 1983?!?! What the hell is the matter with you, Mike? Tell me. Tell me NOW. How can you survive Christmas without a tree?!?! Feel free to brave the backwoods of Booger County and visit mine if you feel the urge for merriment and cheer.

  7. Wow! Your tree is wonderful, but then again, it is YOUR tree, what did I expect?
    I have a Charlie Brown fake tree and the lights are red, green, and yellow peppers and plastic horses. hahahaha! I wasn’t goint to put a tree up this year, but my four-legged kid, Pan begged me. She likes to sit under it and stare at the lights. How can you say no to your kids? Thus the tree. I love twinkle lights of every shape, size, and color. You are so funny! And don’t let Mike get away with not having a tree, even if it’s one an evergreen branch with one ornament!

  8. I’ll bet your kitty-children are excited! The perfect place to lay under and take a snooze, roll over and paw ornaments, and dream about how easy it was to climb said tree when they were younger and more svelte.

    I got started the week of Thanksgiving and am still working. It seems I can’t stay at home long enough to get it done. BTW, I’m not OCD at all, I did EVERYTHING backwards. Hmmmmm, maybe that is why I’m still working on it?

    Beautiful tree Madam Prez!

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