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Redneck Ex Release!!!

Woohoo! Redneck Ex is scheduled for release on January 20, 2012. You can pre-order the book on Amazon now. I can’t tell you how cool it is to find your book for sale on Amazon. WOOHOO!!!!!

This is the scene after Summer Leigh Johnson is notified her ex-husband Dwight Sullivan has her listed as next of kin. He’s been injured in Iraq and is in hospital in Germany. Summer Leigh is talking with her friends:

“You’re going to Germany?”
“Yeah.” I stepped into the bathroom and grabbed some Tylenol before taking my original seat. The pills stuck in my throat and I washed them down with lukewarm coffee.
“Why the hell would you go see your ex-husband?” Her red face clearly indicated her anger.
“His parents were always good to me,” I tried to explain. “Generous and kind. Always made me feel like a part of the family.”
“Screw that!” Janice interjected herself into the conversation in her usual gentle manner. “Any debt to them was paid when their ass-of-a-son left you.”
“We didn’t even know you’d been married.” Bernice sounded tentative and worried. “How much can this man mean to you if your best friends don’t even know about him?” She took my hands, rubbed them softly and asked, “Why would you go to him? Especially after all these years?”
“For God’s sake. I’d never go see my ex!” Janice exclaimed.
“We all know you wouldn’t piss on your ex if he were on fire…” Stephanie said.
“I would if I peed gasoline!”
We laughed.
“Not everyone abhors their ex,” I said.
“You might not detest your ex, but God knows you don’t like the guy,” Janice said. “Never. Once. In the eight years I’ve known you have you even mentioned him. Never! How can you go to him now?”
“Because if I refuse to go and something happened to him, I’d never be able to forgive myself.”
Stephanie and Candy nodded in understanding, but I could tell, Janice and Bernice needed more convincing.
“Look at it this way, how can I be a martyr if I don’t go?” I joked.

Redneck Ex Book Trailer


Redneck Ex on Amazon

Redneck Ex on The Wild Rose Press


Comments on: "Redneck Ex Release!!!" (21)

  1. Ric Croxton said:


  2. Yahoo! Can I wait and buy Redneck Ex directly from you so I get it autographed, or should I put in my preorder on Amazon.
    I am so excited to read this!

  3. Ric Croxton said:

    I want everyone to know that it is an honor and pleasure to be your cousin. I look forward to you being on my podcast in January.

  4. I just ordered from Amazon. (But you have to promise to autograph.) How exciting!!!! Congratulations!

  5. Many Congrats!!! Will you have some at OWFI in the bookstore?
    Linda Joyce

  6. Pam Clemens said:

    I am so proud of you!

    • Thanks, Pam. I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me. You encouraged me to pursue my dream and I’m truly honored to have such a thoughtful, caring friend.

  7. Congrats, Claire. I just saw the trailer and it really looks interesting. I wish you great success!

  8. Madison Woods said:

    Very exciting! I’ll pre-order and bring it to you for an autograph 🙂

    • Sure thing, Madison. I’ll gladly sign it. I’m so excited I’m doing the Snoopy dance. I wonder if Nora Roberts still gets excited with each new release?

  9. I will wait and get one from you! Wow. Can you believe it? You’re published. No better feeling. Now the work really begins.

  10. I ordered my copy and sent the Amazon link off to others as well. Will bring my book with me on my next Arkansas visit for your autograph! Congratulations.

  11. mgmillerbooks said:

    You are awesome! I want to buy mine from you 🙂 Congratulations!

  12. Christy Farmer said:

    Congratulations Claire! 🙂

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