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Praise for Redneck EX

“I found REDNECK EX by Claire Croxton a delightful read, full of humor, tenderness and passion. A HOT story in a cold climate.”
~Jodi Thomas, NY Times Bestselling author,
4 time RITA award winner, and member of the Romance Writer Hall of Fame

“A hilarious, but poignant story of love lost and found under unusual circumstances. With a slightly twisted sense of humor, Croxton is a writer whose work is bound to create its own niche in contemporary romance.”
~Velda Brotherton, author of Stone Heart’s Woman
“Claire Croxton is the queen of redneck romance. REDNECK EX is gonna grab you like a bulldog with a prize bone. You’ll laugh, cry and fall in love with the down-to-earth, big-hearted Summer Leigh.”
~Pamela Foster, author
“REDNECK EX is witty and charming all at the same time. The hero and heroine are as different as Alaska and Arkansas but somehow they go together. Between the snappy dialogue and the quirky characters there’s a surprise around every page. Readers will find it hard to put this unique story down.”
~Roni Adams, author of The Cowboy Duet

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Comments on: "Praise for Redneck EX" (4)

  1. mgmillerbooks said:

    Great reviews. I’ve a feeling much more good will be said about Redneck Ex after its release.

  2. Congrats, Claire. Mike is absolutely right–expect more glowing reviews. I love the cover art too.

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