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Santorini Sunset Book Cover

I posted this on Facebook the other day, but forgot to add it to my blog. I’m very excited to announce that The Wild Rose Press has issued another cover for Santorini Sunset. I’d gotten used to the original, but the revised version is soooooooooooooo much better.

Take a look and let me know what you think:



original cover

Revised cover--I think it looks like a Harlequin cover from the 1970s












Blurb: Caroline Clayton’s sister, Gabriella, is getting married . . . to Caroline’s former fiancé, Albert. Instead of drowning her sorrows in a vat of ice cream, Caroline recruits her sultry co-worker, Raul Sobrevilla, to be her wedding date. Showing up with Mr. Hotter Better Sexier has the desired effect. Both Gabriella and Albert are jealous and Caroline’s mother is speechless for the first time in history. Even Caroline’s dad is happy with that result. Raul Sobrevilla hired on at Synergy so he could work with the best, Caroline. When she asks him to attend the wedding in Santorini, Greece, he sees it as an opportunity to prove to her that he’s her perfect partner both at the office and in the bedroom.


He sat up in the chair and reached for my
hand. “I love you, Caroline. I can’t believe I
dumped you for Gabi. You’re so much more
woman than her.”

“Yes, I know. You’ve pointed that out on several
occasions.” I didn’t think he was referring to my
girth, but I never knew with him.
“I was a fool. Led on by the promise of tender,
thin thighs. I was vain enough to be flattered by the
attention of someone as beautiful as Gabi. Now I
know what they mean about surface and inner
beauty. You’re the true beauty, Caroline.”
“For God’s sake, Albert. Listen to yourself. You
aren’t capable of giving me a compliment. What
makes you think you love me?”
“I just gave you a huge compliment.” He looked
at me confused.
“Saying you were flattered by the attention of
my skinny sister and that I have inner beauty is not
a compliment. Trust me! That’s almost as bad as
saying I have ‘such a pretty face.’”
“But you do.”
“Dammit, Albert, stop before I deck you.” My
tone startled him. “You are about superficial outer
beauty and care about what people think. You need
a trophy wife to make yourself feel good. You have
the depth of a Florida snow.” He looked at me totally
dumbfounded by my analogy. “Snow in Florida. Not
very deep. Melts quickly. Give me a break. I’m
working under pressure here.”
“That’s what I love about you. You can make
analogies, even if no one understands them.” He
reached for me again.
“No!” I yelled at him. Apparently, it was louder
than I thought because Raul was in the room
“Oh great. Ricky Ricardo to the rescue.” Albert


Comments on: "Santorini Sunset Book Cover" (8)

  1. I like the new one!

  2. I love it. You’re right. The new cover is much better.

  3. The cover is a great improvement, and I chuckled all through the excerpt. I can relate to poor Albert. Sometimes we men trade a shovel for a backhoe when digging ourselves a hole.

  4. You owe me. You do realize that don’t you? hee hee

  5. The new one is tons better! Love Rhonda’s comment. LOL
    Can’t wait for this to be released.

  6. Yes, I concur, the new cover is much better!

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