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Karma Take Two

So, what goes around comes around. Remember the other day when I was talking about karma? My aunt and uncle lost their home in a fire and there was an abundance of well wishers and folks wanting to pitch in and help. My aunt and uncle are kind, thoughtful and generous, and deserve the kindness of strangers.

I, on the other hand, am experiencing one of those karma-bites-you-on-the-ass moments. As you know I have four dogs. I’m not a dog person, but strays keep showing up on my doorstep. I’ve said out loud, in front of God and everybody, that if I had my way, I’d only have 2 dogs: Apun and Luna.

Reba, the blue heeler mix, is a good dog, but she’s very jealous and she’s a bully. An absolute bully.  Luna quakes at the sight of her and that makes me mad. But, Reba is the only dog with any semblance of manners and she minds. Luna is a cute little pup that I found on the side of the road. She was around 4 weeks old and she wiggled her way into my heart. She never listens and she’s the master of reaching up on the counter and dragging down food. She’s annoying, but she cute and cuddly and I love her. Apun was the first dog to come into my life. She’s big, lame and partially deaf. Again, no manners. She runs wild, but does a great job of protecting the farm from coyotes and let me just tell you, a possum doesn’t stand a chance against her. That brings me to Kadee. Kadee is the latest addition to WTF Acres. It’s not that I don’t like her, because I do, but 4 dogs is just too many.

So, in front of God and everybody, I’ve stated that I wouldn’t be upset if the dog population on our farm dwindled. As a result, little Kadee has gone missing. Can’t find her anywhere. Even drove the dark roads last night and told neighbors she was missing. Nada. Poor little thing. She’s not very friendly, so I don’t think she’d go to somone if they called. She’s limping. I’ve been treating her for a torn something or other in her shoulder.

Am I sick? Damn straight. Do I deserve it? Damn straight. Does Kadee deserve it? Not at all.

Do you mind sending happy-puppy thoughts my way? Just think of all the good karma you’ll be reaping.


Comments on: "Karma Take Two" (23)

  1. Easy girl, I too have four dogs and I can imagine how you feel, but you can’t blame yourself for this one. Sometimes things just happen. I hope you find her.

  2. Aww… Here’s hoping Kadee finds her way back home. Soon. And I can understand why you’d make that kind of comment. Frustration/aggravation makes us say some stupid things sometimes.

  3. Yes! Happy-Kadee thoughts to all of Madison County!

  4. Oh, I agree with Prudence. Don’t go thinking your thoughts or karma sent Kadee missing. It’s obvious how much you love your pups. I’m sending all good hopes and wishes out to WTF Acres and beyond for Kadee to come home.

    • Thanks, Jan. What’s bothering me the most is that the other dogs are completely indifferent to her being gone. They’re out there lounging in the sun oblivious to my turmoil–even when I told them! Bitches. 🙂

  5. I’m praying Kadee returns to the fold. Here’s something to remember in the meantime.
    If bad thoughts could send someone off a cliff or afflict them with some penis rotting disease? There wouldn’t be a man left alive on the face of the earth.
    Your frustration didn’t cause the dog to go missing. Your loving actions keep her and the other furry freeloaders at your place fed and sheltered, but thoughts, yours or anybody elses, did not run the dog off.
    Love you, you big dope. Now quit blaming yourself.

  6. Nothing cute or pithy here, just sending warm fuzzy thoughts to WTF acres.

  7. Ruby Blue, working on Karmic rewards big time said:

    If thoughts had that kind of power, I’d be living a very different life! Hope she shows up. She sure is cute.

  8. Ditto what Pam said! Think happy thoughts anyway. 🙂

  9. mgmillerbooks said:

    Postive vibes for a safe return!

  10. Madison Woods said:

    Happy Puppy thoughts headed your way!

  11. She is not lost. She’s knows exactly where she is, just cause you don’t know doesn’t me she doesn’t. Geez, that made a hell of a lot of sense didn’t it? But you know what I’m getting at.
    Sending good energy your way and her’s too.

  12. It’s the not knowing that bothers you the most. Your imagination is making up all sorts of bad happenings for little Kadee. She’s safe, wherever she is.

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