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Are you left or right brained? Linda Joyce has a fun post on this topic.

Linda Joyce Contemplates

Does apple pie really have anything to do with whether or not someone is left-brain or right-brain dominate? I think so, and I’ll lay out premise for you to decide; however, you’ll actually have to do some work to prove me wrong. Either way, I hope you’ll share your results.

Learning styles and brain dominance is a science. Frankly, when doing more research for this topic, reading very clinical papers made my head hurt. In simple terms that I am able to convey – the difference in the power of the left and right brain has to do with how we process information.

All of us have two sides to our brain. The left side takes in information in a logical and sequential order and houses our language skills. For intuitive and random information processing, the right side steps up. If we process with only one side of our brain…

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