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My friend, Jan Morrill, has moved her blog from Blogger to WordPress. Check it out. It’s a beauty!!

Jan Morrill Writes

Well, THE MOVE was so scary that I thought about it for months before taking the plunge. I was so scared of  THE MOVE that I convinced myself it wasn’t possible. Soon, however, I began to see blog posts (such as Rachelle Gardner’s post, “Five Most Common Author-Website Mistakes”) that recommended WordPress over Blogger for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

I decided I could no longer ignore the truth.

My next step was to research how to do it. Once I found a couple of websites/blogs that gave instructions step-by-step, it still took me a month to work up the courage. I was petrified of messing up my blog.

Today I bit the bullet. Here’s the website I used, which provided easy-to-understand instructions:  Do It With WordPress:  Moving From Blogger to WordPress–Your Guide.

It was easier than I expected, and though I still have some tweaking to do…

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