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Celia Bonaduce will be speaking at the 2013 OWFI Conference. I’m so excited that she’s agreed to join us next year!

Linda Joyce Contemplates

I am excited to share with you hints from guest blogger–Celia Bonaduce–about Writing Funny, something I’m working on. Celia and I met several years ago at the Writer’s Academy at WTAMU in Canyon, Texas. After that class, our group remained together, forming Jodi’s Pioneers in honor of Jodi Thomas who brought us together. Though our group is scattered across the country, Celia in California, me in Georgia, and everyone else between us, our group gathers once a year to read, write and critique.

A definition for funny: causing amusement or provoking laughter
Synonyms: comic, witty, humorous,

Writing Funny

By Celia Bonaduce

Being “funny” is probably the most subjective of all writing skills. Whether Hemmingway is more to your taste than Fitzgerald, you’d probably at least give both – “Yeah, they’re pretty good writers. “ But do you like Chelsea Handler? Zach Galifanikis? Sarah Silverman? Or are you old…

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