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Santorini Sunset by Claire Croxton is the first romance novel I’ve ever read. Shakespeare, Dickens, and biblical literature are more my taste and background in reading. Yet, I found myself turning page after page, eager to see what the next turn of events would be. Caroline, the main character, was made more interesting by having her thoughts juxtaposed to her actions. Readers can find this technique used by the Bard himself in such characters as Hamlet and Iago. Ms. Croxton also found use for Dickens’ technique of switching points of view, as in A Tale of Two Cities. Besides Caroline, there’s Raul, her love interest. Moving from Caroline’s view of a situation to Raul’s perspective gives readers insights into the psyches of both characters. Finally, there is sex. What I suspect all readers of this genre anticipate. Ms. Croxton understands its importance in this novel, but doesn’t abuse it, or the reader, by making it tawdry. When love-making occurs, the author portrays it with a sensuality that is enticing and more reminiscent of passages from Song of Solomon than porn magazines.

Santorini Sunset is a fun read. Claire Croxton has done a wonderful job of portraying characters in a meaningful fashion. That doesn’t mean that this novel is one melodramatic moment after another. It’s FUN! Caroline’s views, actions, and relationships are often hilarious, which adds to the page turning effect this book had on me. For such a curmudgeon of classical literature, I found I enjoyed this novel, and I think many others will as well…even if you don’t care for romance novels!


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