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The Nuvuk Excavation plays an important role in Redneck Ex. It’s so good to see Anne Jensen still working on the project!

Out of Ice and Time

Back in September, I did some work with some folks from KTUU, a television station in Anchorage, AK.  The story finally aired, and I think it came out quite well.  As is the case with most archaeologists, I’ve had some, well, odd experiences with journalists (the 45,000 year-old habitation of the Barrow area stands out–I said 4 to 5 thousand).  These guys were the opposite.  I think they did a nice job, and even emailed and called to let me know the story was airing.  A lot of journalists say they will, but Dan Carpenter actually followed up!

If you are interested in what was happening earlier this fall, you can see here.  Unfortunately this has continued since then and we’ve lost a lot more ground.

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  1. Neat stuff! And talk about dedication – Dr. Jensen seems totally committed. Wish I could run up there and lend a hand to find artifacts before the sea swallows them. Thanks, Patty.

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