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Claire Croxton is positively delightful…

Claire Croxton is positively delightful….


Claire Croxton’s positively delightful…

in both wit and emotion that cannot fail to stir your heart.

C’mon y’all. How cool is that?!

Kathy Wheeler reviewed Redneck Ex for Bookend Babes. I can’t tell you how nervous I’ve been over reviews. Shoot, I’m even nervous to have friends and family read Redneck.

As you know, my dear friend Amethyst had a baby gem back in November. Amethyst is a stunning woman–dark eyes, silky black hair and luscious curves. Her smile is so dazzling the sun disappears from the arctic sky and pouts for several months every year. Her fiance is stop-you-in-your tracks handsome and when he smiles . . . lordy! So, imagine my absolute shock when she told me that she hoped she had a pretty baby. She was concerned that she would have a homely child. She feared her friends and family would gush over her baby in her presence and then walk away shaking their heads thinking: Holy crap. How could two such beautiful people spawn a troll?

I promised Amethyst that I’d be honest. I’d tell her if her baby looked like a spider monkey on crack. And for the record, she doesn’t. She’s the prettiest baby EVER! Apologies to my nieces and nephews, but . . . get over it.

I know, you’re now thinking, what the heck does this have to do with book reviews? Let me tell you. My fear was that my baby, Redneck Ex, would be like an ugly baby. Folks smiling and gushing in my presence and when talking amongst themselves asking: How the hell did this drivel get published?

My need for constant reassurance bothers me. I usually walk through life with confidence. Sure, it’s a ruse, but for the most part people believe me to be a capable, self-assured woman. I can’t explain how vulnerable I feel having folks read my work. I’m sure as I develop as an author, I’ll grow a thicker skin and won’t have so much invested in each work. Or maybe not. Maybe every six weeks when Nora Roberts releases a new book, her stomach still roils and her palms sweat. Who knows? It’s my goal to find out though!

Amethyst promised me to tell me the truth about Redneck Ex. I hope you will too. In the meantime, from the reviewer’s lips to God’s ears:

This debut author’s novel will grip your heart in the first two pages. I expect Ms. Croxton will have many more successful endeavors to follow. Her wit is unparalleled, balanced perfectly with gripping emotion.