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Bucolic Bliss

Every time I step out on the deck, the ducks yell at me to come down to the pond and give them some corn. Now, technically, they don’t need the corn since they have a pond full of tadpoles, baby fish and bugs in addition to the pond banks overflowing with grasses for them to munch upon. Not feeding them the corn would be like me going without peanut butter and that’s just not going to happen.

So, every evening around 6 or so, I mosey down to the pond. I’m using the computerized fish feeder to hold the duck feed. From what I can gather, the computerized part of the feeder died about ten years ago, but the sturdy metal container is perfect for holding grain. I open the lid, scoop up the chops with an old Cool Whip container and fling the corn along the edges of the pond banks. As soon as the corn hits the water, the ducks swarm. They eat the kernels floating on the surface, then they dive and eat the grains that are on the bottom near the shore.

It’s 923 degrees in the shade and as I watch the little wiggling duck butts, I think oh, that water looks so good! So far, I’ve been able to resist the urge to jump in and cool off, but it’s only June. By August, my brain might be melted enough to join them.

Synchronized Feeding

Looks so Inviting, doesn't it?