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I decided to clean out the teeny-tiny closet in my hunting cabin in the woods. It’s a hunting cabin. Hunters don’t need tons of storage space for shoes and cocktail dresses. Well, they might, but I’ve never seen a guy traipsing through the woods in camo pants and red pumps. My closet cleaning isn’t that big of a deal or at least it shouldn’t be. But, it’s me. I never manage to do anything in a simple way.

I started with three piles: summer clothes, donate, and keep it regardless of the fact that I’ll never where it again. I added some hanging shelves and purchased some really cool hangers that keep silky, gauzy shirts from sliding off the hanger onto the closet floor.

Sounds rather organized doesn’t it? Only problem? I emptied my closet on Saturday. It’s now Monday and I still have piles of clothes and shoes all over the house. Why? Because I have a short attention span. Right smackdab in the middle of organizing my closet, I decided that a bookcase that was in the bedroom had to go.

What did I do? I shoved the piles of clothes out of the way (donate clothes are now mixed with summer clothes,) and after emptying out the bookcase dragged it into the living room.

No biggie. The bookcase wasn’t that heavy, but… In order to put the bookcase where I wanted it. I had to move furniture, which required unplugging everything and adding a power strip to that area. Since I had the couch moved, I decided it was time to change the quilt displayed along its back to a bright purple one to combat the upcoming gray days of autumn. That required a trip to the barn where I discovered that all the quilts smelled mildewy. Fortunately, none of them actually have mildew on them, but I have to move the quilts out of the barn.

So, now in addition to the piles of shoes and clothes, there are piles of books everywhere and totes filled with quilts line the walls of the living room.

I clean the way I write. I start with a project in mind–a nice 3K short story about falling in love in Santorini. Then, I go off into a tangent, which leads to another tangent and the next thing I know I have 100K and a snark-filled contemporary romance. Unfortunately, my cleaning career will never lead to fame and fortune, but no need to worry since my writing career will! (fingers crossed!)

If you don’t hear from me in 3 days send in that super hot rescue team from Japton, okay? Shoot, I might bury myself under clothes and quilts just to get a visit from them…