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Raggae in the AK

Have you ever had those moments when out of nowhere you realize that you’re happy? You know, when you’re walking along and notice that you’re smiling and your heart is floating around in your chest. It’s not like I’m a depressed person and don’t find happiness in everyday things, because I do. I make it a point to laugh about something daily–even if it is my own foibles, which are many and usually pretty darn laughable. Just to name a few recent ones: tadpole in my shoe when I fell into the pond, giving myself a concussion when I whacked my head on a beam while searching for my cat, or hooking my ear with the treble hook while salmon fishing.

My darling nephew is visiting Alaska for the first time and on the way to Whittier to go halibut fishing, we dropped by Alyeska and took the lift up the mountain. Gorgeous!

View from the Top

We walked around in the whipping wind and marveled at the 7 glaciers. On the way back down the mountain, I had one of those OMG-I’m-happy moments. We were crowded in the tram with a bunch of Germans. The view was crystal clear. I was with my nephew and wonderful husband in the most beautiful place in the world with Bob Marley serenading us. Steel drums, guitars and a thumping bass beat out the tone “Three Little Birds.”

“Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin’: “Don’t worry about a thing,
‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right!”

View From the Tram--Everything is Going to be All Right

I thought to myself–this is what happiness is. It’s the little things shared with your favorite people that makes life worth living.


My Person

Are you familiar with the concept of “my person?” It’s deeper than best friend, spouse or parent/sibling. It’s the one person on the planet who brings you happiness no matter the situation. The person who walks through the ER door when you’ve suffered a major injury and you smile. The person who even from three thousand miles away can make you grin by simply thinking his/her name.

It’s a bond formed under fire and is sustained through every possible scenario. You don’t have to spend every day together. You don’t have to talk daily on the phone or e-mail constantly. Regardless of how much time has passed since you’ve seen your person, the second you see each other again it’s as if no time has passed. And it hasn’t, because you are on each others’ minds every second of every day.

I haven’t seen my person in a year. We haven’t talked on the phone once in that time. We’ve kept each other apprised of the goings on in our lives through the occasional e-mail. Yet, today, I saw my person and my heart soared. We hugged, started talking and 12 hours later we hadn’t stopped. My person is pregnant. I’m very excited that the world will be blessed with a mini-my person. It will indeed be a better place.

I hope you all have that special someone in your lives. I’d tell you to call them or hug them, but you’ve already done that a dozen times today in your heart and mind.