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Jodi Thomas, My Heroine

I’m not a fan of historical romance and I’m not a huge fan of Texas. (Although, my dear, sweet hubby happens to be from there so it does have some good qualities.) I attended an intensive writers workshop in Canyon, Texas in 2009 and took Jodi Thomas’s advanced class.

Every afternoon, there was an hour workshop on how to sell your work. The example that was used over and over again was from Jodi’s Wife Lottery Series, The Texan’s Wager. My interest was piqued and the first thing I did when I got home was order it from Amazon. I was dubious. One night, I thought, I’ll read a few chapters before I go to sleep. At 3 AM, I had to force myself to put the book down. I WAS HOOKED. The woman can tell a story.

Not only is Jodi Thomas a great spinner of yarns, she’s an inspiration. I’ve heard her speak at several conferences and her message to writers is “Never Give Up.” Her words and her personal writer’s journey have keep me writing during those dark times when I’ve convinced myself that I’m a hack and that I have no business sitting in front of a computer.

Check out her story:

Thank you, Jodi Thomas!