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Who Is Going to Star in the Movie Version of Your Book?

Who Is Going to Star in the Movie Version of Your Book?.


Who Is Going to Star in the Movie Version of Your Book?

My friend, Jan Morrill asked this question in her blog post today. Jan Morrill’s Thoughts Over Coffee:http://jansthoughtsovercoffee.blogspot.com

When I first started writing Redneck Ex, I pictured Dwight Sullivan (the redneck ex-husband) as having Brad Paisley’s sense of humor, Toby Keith’s brawn and Trace Adkins’ sex appeal. Talk about the ideal man, right?

How on earth could I find an actor to portray those qualities? Funny actors? Will Farrell doesn’t do it for me. Luke Owen would be nice, but he doesn’t have Dwight’s dark brooding looks. Brawn? Ummm. Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, while absolutely drop dead gorgeous really didn’t fit the role. Redneck never comes to mind when I think of him.

As for sex appeal? The list is long: Sam Elliot, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Colin Firth (be still my heart,) Gerard Butler… anyway, you get the point. So, what actor can be funny, tough and sexy? There are several, but the one that came to my mind as I wrote Dwight’s scenes was Jake Gyllenhaal. Can he play a cowboy/country boy. Can you say Brokeback Mountain? Tough, military dude? Jarhead. He doesn’t have to be a comedic actor, but someone with a sense of humor, which shines during interviews. He doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Here we go:
Redneck Ex Hollywood premiere November 23, 2013 starring: Jake Gyllenhaal as Dwight Sullivan and hey, while we’re reaching for the stars (ha! get it?) Julia Roberts as Summer Leigh Johnson.