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Claire Croxton Goes International!

Lauri Owen, a fantastic fantasy author from Alaska, has an extremely helpful page on her website. It contains links to scores of reviewers. I’ve been systematically weeding my way through the list to find folks to review Redneck Ex/Santorini Sunset/Southern Seduction.  I can’t tell you how helpful it has been. As a result, I found Bookworm Blogger. Charlotte lives in Andover England. She was kind enough to interview me. I’m now International!

Check out the interview on Bookworm Blogger.and enter for a chance to win a copy of Redneck Ex. 

Big thanks to Lauri and Charlotte!!




BUY the Book!

Greetings Readers of GREAT Fiction.

Here are a few up and coming authors you should check out. From fantasy, to historical to political satire, you’ll never worry about being bored when you have these books in your arsenal.

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Lauri Owen: Blowing Embers

Amazon Summary:

The second volume of The Embers Series (begun with Fallen Embers) continues the saga set in an alternate Alaska, where those born with the power to control the elements rule as nobility over those who cannot — for now. As Blowing Embers begins, the shapeshifting slaves of Fairbanks have broken their chains with the help of Kiera, the Fire Mage mysteriously transported into their realm with her young nephew, and then lifted her to govern their city. But Kiera and her co-rulers struggle to integrate the former slaves and the remaining mages. A worse threat outside Fairbanks waits to fracture the fragile peace. Governor Vrishka, the Skani Water Mage of Barrow, has marched an army from the North, and sends terms: Surrender Fairbanks and restore the Skani mages to rule, or he will raze the city and kill all the shifters. He gifts them ten turns of the sun to make their decision. Halfway through the armistice a devastating blow steals all hope for Fairbanks’ victory, and crushes Kiera’s heart. Can she summon the strength to transcend her grief and find a way to defeat Vrishka? If so, what price is she willing to pay? Five days — and a city — await her decision.

Ruth Burkett Weeks: Soldiers From the Mist.

Amazon Summary:

Soldiers From the Mist is an unusual mix of history and the present. A mix of love story and ghost story. It’s a story set in the Civil War and a present day search for the truth. Ruth Weeks has created a novel, told from the eyes of a ghost that visits her, and retells the very real story of three soldiers and their families as they try to survive one of the most dramatic periods of US history any author could write about.

Denton Gay: Tailspin

Amazon Summary:

In this political satire, an inventor releases the proverbial genie from the bottle by using modern technology. His creation triggers the journey of a sensible dog named Dorothy who decides to better the lives of dogs and humankind. Unconditional love and the special powers of dogs propel her adventures through obscurity to power while spoofing many popular figures in today’s media. Her story peaks when she catapults our two-party political system into a real TAILSPIN.