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Pamela Foster Interviews Claire Croxton

Don’t you just love your writer friends? Pamela Foster (Redneck Goddess, High Hill Press) read Redneck Ex and asked me some really interesting questions about the book. I’m sure y’all are tired of reading about me, but Pam didn’t repeat any questions that have been asked before. Besides, let’s be honest, I’m awesome and you can’t get enough, right? 🙂

This interview has it all: polar bears, tractors, turnips, drugged GIs and Hitler. Come on. You know you can’t resist.

Check it out:  Pamela Foster Interviews Claire Croxton


Ruth Burkett Weeks Interviews Claire Croxton

Fellow Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop author, Ruth Burkett Weeks, interviewed me about the release of Redneck Ex. Check out the interview on her blog: Truths by Ruth