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Hiking With a Puppy

One Saturday afternoon back in March, I was heading into the big town of Huntsville (pop 1215) to get supplies for the hike we had planned the next day. About a mile from my house, I saw something kind of small and yellow on the side of the dirt road. When I got out to investigate, I discovered the cutest, most adorable, tick-infested puppy. Tears ran down her little nose and my heart broke. Instead of making it into town, I picked up the puppy and drove home. I spent the afternoon removing ticks. Gross!

Luna Ready for the Trail

On Sunday, Ma, my cousin, my aunt and I were scheduled to go on a hike to the Glory Hole. I couldn’t leave the new puppy all alone. She’d just gotten used to me. Besides, I have two other dogs who weren’t so sure about the addition to the family. So, we threw the puppy, now named Luna, into the car and met my aunt and cousin. Now, most folks would be annoyed by the addition of a puppy to their hiking trip, but not anyone in my family.

We drove out of Huntsville and turned onto Highway 16/21 to Fallsville. Then we were on the lookout for a red barn on the left side of the road with a large “E” on the side of it. Seriously, the barn is mentioned in every document that gives directions to the Glory Hole. Gotta love that.

Once we arrived to the parking area, Luna ran around a bit, but quickly tired. We took turns carrying her down the trail. When we got to the top of the Glory Hole, Ma decided to stay at the top and watch Luna as the rest of us descended to the floor of the holler. See, puppy provided a great excuse.

The Top of the Glory Hole

As I walked down the rocks and slipped over moss, I could hear the waterfall. It had recently rained and the water was flowing with force. Once I saw the actual falls, there was no doubt why it was named The Glory Hole. Glorious, indeed!

Truly One of Nature's Wonders

Of course, the trek to the Glory Hole wasn’t so bad–downhill and all. The trip back to the car made wasn’t so easy. Having the puppy along was a great excuse. Oh, little Luna’s tired. We must rest.

Oh, This Rock is the BEST Pillow

As I scaled the mountain and lost my lungs, I wondered if seeing the falls was worth dying for. When I got home and saw the pictures of the falls, my laughing mom, aunt and cousin and my adorable puppy, I decided I didn’t need my lungs after all. My heart is all I need.