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Release Date!

Woohoo and Yippee

The debut of the new genre–soul-searching snark–is set for January 20, 2012 by The Wild Rose Press.

Releases January 20, 2012

Prepare yourselves. Get a box of tissues, bottle of wine, some chocolate covered strawberries and settle in for a weekend of wit, charm, sass and heartbreak and rekindled flames. You might as well schedule your vacation day from work. The book will be released by noon and you don’t want to spend the afternoon with the book burning a hole in your briefcase.

January is a great time to release the book because the steaming, hot August Arkansas heat combined with Dwight’s sultry seduction of Summer Leigh will singe your skin.

Here’s to seduction, sex, sizzle and snark.

The Redneck Ex


Who Is Going to Star in the Movie Version of Your Book?

Who Is Going to Star in the Movie Version of Your Book?.

Do You Read the Author Endorsements/Quotes/Blurbs at the Beginning of Books?

Do You Read the Author Endorsements/Quotes/Blurbs at the Beginning of Books?.

Do You Read the Author Endorsements/Quotes/Blurbs at the Beginning of Books?

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about–the accolades in the first few pages of a novel. The pages that are crammed with quotes from other authors on how fantastic the author of that book is. Have you ever bought/read a book simply because an author you like endorsed it?

From what I understand, after The Redneck Ex is published, we’ll use the reviews of it in the front of Santorini Sunset. Since Redneck is my first novel, we don’t have reviews to use in the opening pages. So, I have some quotes from some really great authors on how wonderful I am. All true of course! I mean, really? Jeff Foxworthy could take redneck lessons from me, after all. I’m curious though if those quotes matter. Is it a worthless effort unless you get quotes from Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell or say, Jeff Foxworthy?

Let me know, what you think?

The following picture has nothing to do with the blog post, but I think the blog looks prettier with pictures. 🙂

The older ducks weren't so welcoming to the younger ones. They get along fine now.

Editing… Again!

So far I’ve really enjoyed the editing process for The Redneck Ex. The editor I’m working with has been great. For the most part, I’ve not questioned any of her edits. For example, the removal of the word “that.” I swear I already took all those out, but apparently not. There were two places where we had a discussion. She asked that I change something that I felt strongly should stay the way it is. After explaining my rationale, she agreed. No problems there.

We’ve been through 2 complete edits and she sent the mss to the copy editor. I received it on Friday and have been going through it. I’m in shock. I absolutely can not believe there are that many errors in this book! My God, how many times have I edited the darn thing, even before it went to the editor? I’m a fairly good writer (grammatically speaking) to begin with. And yet, there are all kinds of errors in this thing. One thing that I’ve found interesting is that there are sentences out of order in the copy-edited piece.

How does that happen? I always assumed copy-editing was a case of copy and paste, but apparently it’s not. I wish I could blame all the corrections required on mistakes by the copy editor, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. So, after reading the mss one more time, I need to make a list of corrections for the editor.

I’ve often heard at conferences that no matter how good your story is, you need to be able to write well to sell it. I’ve heard folks explain it like this: If an editor is faced with a marginal story that requires a few edits and the next NY Times bestseller that needs tons of edits, he’ll go with the marginal story. Now, I know why. My stuff didn’t require that many changes/ corrections and it’s a tedious process. I can’t even imagine the work that would go into editing the first novel I wrote. What a nightmare!

So, I’m off to edit land. At least it’s cool there.

My Main Characters Are Sooooooooooo Happy

Yep, Summer Leigh Johnson from The Redneck Ex and Anne Sutton from Ex-Ray (my current work in progress) are dancing naked in the corn patch. Finally, after months of melting in the Arkansas heat, they get to go HOME. Alaska here we come!! At the moment, the plan is to return to Arkansas on August 1st, but really? Who am I kidding? That’s when it really gets hot around here. So, once we’re safely tucked away in our Alaska writing retreat, I’m picturing the girls holding me hostage and not letting me return to the swamps of the Ozarks until October at the earliest.

Of course, they don’t have to deal with my mama. Now don’t get me wrong. My mama is nice. She’s nothing like Anne’s mother in Ex-Ray, but I’m fairly certain that she would get on a plane and fly to Alaska to kick my ass if I didn’t get home soon enough. For some reason, taking care of my dogs and cats and ducks isn’t her idea of a nice way to pass the afternoon. Go figure.

If anyone is curious why I like Alaska so much, the following might explain a few things:

Them's some mighty fine fishing partners

Need I say more?

And the scenary outside the boat is good too

And the scenery outside the boat is nice too