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Lauri Owen’s Embers books are reviewed on Bookworm2Bookworm. Lauri has agreed to speak at the 2013 OWFI conference. I’m so excited!!

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‘Fallen Embers’

In ‘Fallen Embers’ we meet Kiera and her nephew Alex who live a pretty run of the mill, everyday existence in modern day Alaska.  All of a sudden their existence in not only completely changed but completely at stake when they are transported to an alternate Alaska by a magic they didn’t know existed.  All of a sudden they must fight for their very survival!  In this alternate version of Alaska there are shape-shifters being enslaved by the local nobility- who are mages.  As if that isn’t enough to process Kiera has discovered that she is a fire mage and can summon fire.   Kiera involves herself in the dispute, siding with the slaves only to realize that some things are not what they seem and life is sometimes drawn in inky shades of grey and not always black and white.

I love the characters in this story.  I…

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